Tenant Info

PO BOX 382, Douglas, IM99 2XA
Tel: 01624 822424
Email: info@arragonpropertiesiom.com

Office opening hours- Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm
In an EMERGENCY ONLY out of office hours call the office on 822424
If you ring with a Non-Emergency out of hours YOU will be charged a minimum fee of £50.00



Utility bills must be put in to the tenant name(s)
If you are new to the island you will be required to pay a deposit for gas and electric
Currently at £250 gas, £120 for domestic electric and £200 for rate comfy heat.

Manx Utilities Authority:
Fill in the form and post it with payment to: PO Box 177, IOM Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, IM99 1PS. Tel: 687687
You can arrange to have a prepayment key meter installed in most properties.

Manx Gas:
Fill in the form and post it 7 days before moving in date with payment to Manx Gas, Murdoch House, South Quay, Douglas
If you want to check the amount of deposit call Manx Gas 644444 

TV License:
You can transfer an existing television license from one property to another or to purchase a television license either go to a local office or contact them online at www.tvlicensing.co.uk

Please forward any mail that comes to the property/apartment for previous tenants and landlord Polydora or the address left at the property.

Manx Telecom/Broad Band Internet connection:
If you want a landline/broadband contact Manx telecom on 624624 (We cannot guarantee that telephone lines have been used by previous tenants as many use mobile telephones. To set up a telephone line there is a charge).

Oil Supply:
Check the level of oil when you move into the property. Depending on the size of the property level of use will vary. Make sure you contact oil suppliers; they are in the telephone book.
If you run out of oil, you will need to get an engineer to bleed the oil through and get the boiler up and running; this is the tenant’s responsibility to pay. If the pump goes within three months of running out of oil it is also the tenant’s responsibility.

Satellite Dishes & TV Aerial’s:
You are not permitted to install your own Satellite dish, however if there is an aerial on your building you are permitted to use it, but it is not our policy to provide aerials.

The keys and locks are your responsibility. If lost or if Arragon Jaguars is called out, there is a charge of £75.00 to you, the tenant. If a locksmith needs to be called this will be at the tenants expense too.
If a change of lock is require, please notify and supply the office with a new key.

Light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries are to be replaced by the tenant.

Registered Office: Arragon House, Santon, Isle of Man IM4 1HH Company No. 75452C

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